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Tender Touch offers daycare for small and large dogs with a cozy atmosphere of friendly fun in a 900 square foot playroom and a recently expanded 700 square foot outdoor fenced yard! We provide lottsa love and positive training with time for cuddling, playing, and napping. We also include free pawdicures for daycare dogs.

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We feel daycare is something a dog’s people can do for the good of the dog, not just for the convenience of a busy schedule. As such, we encourage our clients to make a regular booking at a minimum weekly frequency. We suggest booking the same day(s) every week, so your dog will become a part of a play pack and get to know the dogs who also attend on the same day(s) very well. Doing so will increase your dog’s confidence, reduce anxiety, create a sense of familiarity, and provide more enjoyment of the daycare experience.

After assessing your dog during the application process, we will be happy to recommend days that best suit your dog.

Tuesdays – Small Dog Day

Open to puppies and small dogs of all kinds. If your dog is comfortable playing with other dogs, ranging from calm and quiet ones all the way through to energetic and playful, these are great days for your dog to come out.

Wednesdays – Large Dog Days

These days are designated for active, large dogs. Limited space.

Thursdays – Play Day

These days are open for puppies, active medium sized dogs and smaller sturdy dogs that are comfortable playing with bigger buddies.

Fridays – TBD
We will be opening up Friday daycare as demand warrants. Fridays have not been designated for a specific group of dogs so please contact us with your requests.
Call/text us at 204-223-1588 to make your request and be added to our waitlist.

Our Hours

Opening — The daycare opens at 7:00am.

Closing — The daycare closes at 6:00pm. There are late fees if a dog is not picked up before this time.

What To Send With Your Dog To Daycare

We do not have storage room for carriers, bags, and extra supplies. Each dog may bring one large Ziploc bag with their name on it that can include a mid-day snack.

USE A REGULAR LEASH – You dog should also bring a regular leash. Retractable leashes do not provide proper control, are dangerous, and cause injuries to people and other dogs.

SNACK – You can send a snack that is easy to feed and quick (eg: cookies, biscuits).

Crate Training

For the safety, protection, and comfort of the dogs, we have a a few crates available for use. In our cozy and friendly daycare, we do not use segregated spaces or separate rooms. The crates serve those purposes for us when need be. Closed-door crating is used only for short durations of time (minutes) for the well-being of the dog, and we do not use crates for longer-term confinement.

Crates are left open during the day for the dogs to use for privacy, quiet, and sleep if they choose. It is a cozy space where a dog can let its guard down, relax, and snooze.

We believe that it is a kindness to familiarize dogs with crates before the dog faces an unavoidable crating situation such as those that occur when at the vet, boarding, and traveling.

Crate training can help reduce the stress, anxiety, and fear that dogs experience during such situations.

Large Screen TV

We have a large screen TV in the playroom. Studies show dogs thrive with exposure to certain music, other sounds, and can be entertained by sights viewed onscreen. We play special CDs and DVDs made just for dogs.

Fenced Yard

We have a fenced yard, approximately 700 square feet where the dogs are taken to get fresh air, sunshine, and time to potty. It is safe, secure, and supervised.

Air Conditioning

Our playroom is fully air conditioned and we keep it at a comfortable temperature to prevent any dogs from getting over-heated. Different dogs tolerate heat differently. Dogs who get cold easily can put a sweater on, but dogs who get hot easily can’t get any more naked than they are!